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The GREEK Language Museum: Animated Greek Language Educational Game

Learn vocabulary as you drive the wacky Greek school bus!
Learn vocabulary as you drive the wacky Greek school bus!

Like computer games?

What are you willing to do to learn a language?
Would you break the speed limit driving a wacky language school bus, fly and land a jet pack around your neighborhood, dodge asteroids through outer space only to later hit the waves for some wild language surfing? Welcome to the world of The Language Museum, the innovative virtual language-learning environment on your computer.

Introducing a refreshing new way to learn and practice a foreign language, The Language Museum action game! This is not a program of simple presentations and, due to its rich content, NOT just for children. It is an animated interactive action game that uses the power of association to learn and remember vocabulary and identify grammatical speech patterns. Fun, addictive, and effective, The Language Museum offers a unique way of learning.

Generally, vocabulary and the grammatical rules of a foreign language are easily accessible to most of us in the form of books, recordings, software and even dictionaries. Our patience and interest level as we sift through this "information overload", however, very often hinders our learning when we choose one of these methods. The Language Museum provides an entertaining alternative way of presenting new material in the form of an animated action game.

Learn Vocabulary
Learn Vocabulary
The natural way we each learned our native language as children was by hearing words and matching them with objects or actions. This power of association is the backbone which the learning component of The Language Museum was built upon. Linking words with objects and actions, hearing the spoken language, seeing how words are written and put together to make phrases; this is what The Language Museum is all about. Pack it all into a game and you can see what makes this product so unique. Learning is transformed into entertainment where you will get caught up trying to score points to make it to the next level of your game. Make it through all 5 levels and you complete your visit to The Language Museum!

Through game-playing, this interactive technology creates situations where audio/visual recall is required to score points for game advancement. This is an extremely powerful method for learners of any age. So if you are just beginning to learn your target language, or someone who is looking to improve existing language skills, this learning tool will give you a unique learning advantage. After all, the more you play, the more you will be practicing your target language!
Learn Grammar
Learn Prepositions & Grammar
Some of the reasons that make The Language Museum an effective learning tool different from all others:

Huge Amount of Content
This may be just a game but it is surprisingly packed with serious language-learning content. The Language Museum is jam-packed with over 1000 recorded words & phrases presented in an audio/visual format with hundreds of associated images.

Game Variety
The museum is packed with nearly 20 unique games that teach everything from the alphabet, numbers, vocabulary, and pronunciation to verb conjugations, grammar and sentence construction. Dominate each level and when you have mastered level 5 you have mastered the game!

Interactive Audio/Visual Help & Grammar Guide
Interactive Audio/Visual Help & Grammar Guide  
Interactive Audio/Visual Grammar Guide
You are encouraged to just dive in and start playing each game in the order that you choose. If you find that you need help, don't be discouraged, just listen and watch the interactive grammar and help guides available throughout the game. They will help familiarize you with grammatical patterns in your target language and help you master your game!

Random Content Presentation
The Language Museum consists of games that typically break down content into small groupings so that they may be more easily learned. Once mastered, players will advance to the next level. When appropriate, content is presented in different order and variety (masculine, feminine, 1st person, 2nd person, etc). This makes each game play a unique experience with many different possible question combinations.

Track your scores & progress
Track your scores & progress 
Quantifiable Results
Players sign into the museum each time they enter. When a game level is completed, the score, level, and date are recorded. This way you (and your teacher if you have one) can view the games you have played, the levels you have reached, and the dates the last game levels were achieved. This makes it easy to monitor your learning progress.

High Score List
Go to the "Hall of Fame" area to see the top 3 players of The Language Museum. If you play the game with other users, you will try to get your name placed here to earn bragging rights!

BreezeWorks Media Company
Experienced in interactive development for corporate clients, BreezeWorks Media Company now specializes in developing new approaches for presenting educational material to audiences of all ages. It is the publisher of The Language Museum game series.


Learn a language with The Language Museum Animated Learning System™ for less than the price of a textbook!

  Nearly 20 integrated language action games
Interactive audio/visual grammar explanations
Tracks each player's history, scores, & progress
5 game-playing levels


Compatible with Windows. Not compatible with MAC computers.


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